Biosyntia and Lantana Bio sign in-licensing deal and gear up to enter a multi-billion euro market -

Read press release 21/12-21

Lantana Bio joins TWB - Read press release 02/9-21

Lantana Bio partners with danish biotech Biosyntia - Read press release 11/6-20


Lantana engages primarily in strain development, using our yeast platform technology and pathway engineering tools to create robust and high yielding strain prototypes, ready for scale-up and production. Although the focus is on aromatic compounds our technology is applicable to any small molecule, natural or novel. Our expertise is the thorough understanding of plant and host metabolisms, and the art of successful transfer of plant secondary metabolism to a microbial host, adapted to provide the relevant precursors for the new biosynthetic pathway.

We are also in the science and business of building and developing new biosynthetic pathways, preferably in collaboration with a partner, that allows generation of new knowledge and IP, thereby opening new markets for aromatic compounds.

If you have a compound in mind, for which you want to study or develop a fermentation-based production route, please get in touch.


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